Every window custom made just for you.

Custom made windows are critical to the success of any replacement window project. You might think that there must be standard sizes, but when it comes to remodeling projects every window is unique.

We have each window professionally measured and then all order details are double checked. Then the windows are custom made to your exact specifications. All manufacturing is done here in the USA and the windows are then delivered to the local warehouse here in Manchester, NH.

Custom made double hung windows in Manchester, NH from Window Universe.
Double hung windows with white frames and internal grids

How are the windows custom made?

Window manufacturing can be a complicated process. The first step is cutting the glass and sealing the insulated glass units. Whether you ordered triple pane or double pane insulated windows the process is similar.

First, the glass from many orders is batched and optimized in a unique layout to reduce waste. Next it’s cut by a diamond blade, sorted into large racks and processed by a cleaning machine to make sure it’s looking perfect.

After that, the two (or three) panes of glass are assembled and separated by a spacer before they’re heat sealed in an oven that is over 900 degrees and filled with either argon or krypton gas. The result is a permanent seal that will last a lifetime.

While the glass units are being made the frame and sash material is being cut by a computerized saw. It’s also optimizing large batches of material to reduce waste.

The frames and sashes are welded together, the hardware is attached and one of the very last steps is to install the sealed insulated glass units.

Then the windows are cleaned, inspected, wrapped, loaded onto a semi truck for the ride to the local warehouse. Once they’ve been checked into the warehouse and inspected again the installation department will call you to schedule your installation appointment.

How are Window Universe windows installed?

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